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Student Wellbeing Team

The Wellbeing Leadership Team at MacKillop College includes the Principal, Assistant Principal and Leader of Wellbeing. This team works with Leaders of Learning and Leaders of Wellbeing collaboratively to support students, teachers and parents with programs and policies designed to promote the Catholic ethos of the College and the dignity and respect for each person.

The College Principal oversees all programs, policies and procedures and accepts the role of direction for managing any crucial matters and outcomes for students and families. 

The Assistant Principal works in collaboration with the College Principal to ensure that programs, policies and procedures are maintained and acts in place of the Principal when the Principal is unavailable.

The Leader of Wellbeing works in collaboration with both the Principal and Assistant Principal ensuring that effective implementation of programs, policies and procedures for student Wellbeing are in place. The Leader of Wellbeing works directly with Subject Coordinators, Year Coordinators and the Counsellor for all matters involving student Wellbeing. They also assist the Principal with any communication to parents and caregivers.

Leaders of Learning work directly with teachers in their faculty for any student Wellbeing situation. Subject Coordinators deal directly with students for restorative outcomes. Subject Coordinators also works in cooperation with Year Coordinators and may contact parents for assistance with a specific student.

Year Coordinators are responsible for the overall wellbeing of all the students in their respective form. They maintain student files and records for merits and levels. Year Coordinators manages all wellbeing matters and is often in contact with parents. They advise students and refer serious matters to the Leader of Wellbeing and assist if necessary with any restorative practice meetings.

Counsellors remain a valuable link for students who may be experiencing difficulties at school or in their lives. These matters are kept confidential and all students are most welcome to schedule an appointment with the Counsellor for a wide variety of reasons. The Counsellor may refer students to outside agencies for more support or specialised assistance, e.g. Headspace and Community and Mental Health Services.