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Creative Arts


There are a variety of musical activities offered as part of an extensive music based co-curricular program. MacKillop College maintains an excellent reputation for its ensembles, and the College is frequently invited to perform and entertain both the College and local communities.

The students have the opportunity to participate in the following ensembles:

  • Concert Band
  • Stage Band
  • String Group - directed by staff from the Mitchell Conservatorium
  • Guitar Group - directed by staff from the Bathurst Academy of Music
  • Vocal Ensemble

Many opportunities also arise for students who play drums and electric guitars to form rock bands with other musicians.


College Musical

The Annual Musical Production is held in conjunction with students and staff from St Stanislaus' College. The collaboration allows the production team to draw on a exceptionally talented pool of students to cast each year's musical. Recent combined productions have included: ‘Jesus Christ Superstar', 'Little Shop of Horrors', 'Legally Blonde' and 'School of Rock'.

The productions cater for around 100 students on stage, in the band, or as part of the crew. A massive cast and crew who always work hard to present a well-polished and entertaining performance.

Performances take place at the Performing Arts Centre at St Stanislaus' College and in recent times have attracted sellout crowds to watch the students perform.

The Combined Musical is undoubtedly a highlight of the College calendar.



MacKillop College continues to provide a group of talented performers, who showcase their abilities in performance, public speaking, creative movement, spontaneity and team work. 

Students have the opportunity to travel to Sydney to experience a wealth of talent at the Seymour Centre. Watching samples of Band 6 HSC Individual and Group Drama Performances and view exemplary individual projects on set, costume and promotional design is an outstanding opportunity for the girls. 

MacKillop College produces a Drama Production annually, inviting our students and those from St Stanislaus' College to audition. Productions vary in style and theme every year with the aim of exposing students and the community as a whole to a variety of theatrical genres. Recent productions have been; Only an Orphan Girl by Henning Nelms 2018 and Living with Lady Macbeth by Rob John 2019. The students are extremely proud of their high calibre talent. 

Artists are invited, particularly in the Senior years, to assist with feedback and in-class workshops in preparation for Group Performances and Individual Projects. Connections with the CSU Bathurst have been made, with valuable help already given by lecturers and senior students from the Bachelor of Communications and Creative Industries – Theatre Media Course. Drama Club is run every Tuesday after school and involves students from Year 7 to Year 10. Drama Club focuses on improvisation activities and provides the opportunity for members to explore the use of different styles of acting. Drama Club is often called upon for assemblies and community events.

House Music Festival

The House Music Festival is arguably the highlight of the year for students and staff. The four Houses: Chisholm, Gilroy, McAuley and MacKillop, led by their House Captains, prepare a number of musical items that cater for every student to be involved in the day. 

Items include:

  • Whole House - a vocal item presented by all House members
  • Senior and Junior groups - a vocal item performed by students in Year 7 to Year 9 and Year 10 to Year 12.
  • Vocals - a small vocal ensemble
  • Instrumentals - a small instrumental group
  • Creative Movement - a dance ensemble
  • There is a House video for students to demonstrate their film skills.

This event runs for a whole day with rehearsals starting in Week 4 of Term 2, for a performance date usually at the end of the same term.

The students are responsible for all of the creative choices for their Houses, leading to a highly polished final performance. It has also been known for Houses to incorporate teaching staff associated with their House into the performance for that extra bit of added flair.

This event is truly a day to look forward to and the participation rate of our students in this event is indeed remarkable.