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Visual Arts

Visual Arts provides opportunities for students to enjoy the making and studying of art. It enhances an understanding of the role of art in all forms of media, both in the contemporary and historical world, and enables students to represent their ideas and interest in artworks.

The study of the Visual Arts provides students with strategies to communicate ideas in intuitive, direct and elegant ways. Visual Art develops independent thinking and equips students with strategies to recognise multiple perspectives in an informed manner. Visual Arts teaches students how to be comfortable with change, how to think through and within materials, and how often abstract ideas can shift into concrete forms. 

MacKillop College is proud to have two spacious art rooms that have been recently renovated and refurbished including movable benches, modern stools and painting easels. These updates provide students studying Visual Arts in year 7 to Year 12 with cutting edge and up-to-date facilities.


Each art room is set up to enable students the opportunity to explore the making of artworks across a range of art forms, including: sculpture, installation, graphic design, photography, printmaking, drawing, time-based works, film, painting, digital imaging, textiles and fibre, ceramics and documented forms. Our facilities offer students hands-on practical experience across a comprehensive range of fine art materials and media. 

The ceramic room and kiln facilities are well-equipped to provide students with opportunities to experiment with and be taught technical applications of ceramics. 

Furnished with the latest ICT facilities, the art rooms provide students with access to the Adobe Creative Suite and high-quality Canon Pixma Pro 10s printer.