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We are delighted to welcome you to the fellowship of MacKillop Ex-students. 

MacKillop College is proud to celebrate and recognise the talented MacKillop and Diocesan Catholic Girls High School (Dio) women and share their memorable experiences. 

Every year, we honour and pay tribute to an exceptional ex-student by asking them to be our guest speaker at the annual MacKillop Dinner. This is a tradition that spans back over 20 years. 

This year we will be updating our Alumnae details to enable women to reconnect with past friends and class mates. 

Appreciating the importance of deep connections, especially during this time, we would like to invite all former students to complete the details below. Being a part of our MacKillop Alumnae and uniting the ever growing community of women who have shared in the MacKillop experience is rewarding. We would love you to engage in our communications and activities whilst supporting the young women who are presently following in your footsteps. 

This year we will be launching two initiatives called the MacKillop Mentor Program and the Big Sister Program. 

The MacKillop Mentor program aims to engage current Senior Students with alumnae working or studying in their fields of interest. If you agree to be part of this incredible opportunity, we will place you in contact with relevant students. 

The Big Sister initiative will be established to ease the transition of Year 12 girls into their initial year of tertiary study by connecting them with ex-students already at various institutions. Once again, if you agree to this program, we will provide you with the relevant girl’s details. 

We invite all ex-students to click on the link below to complete your details and we look forward to reconnecting with you.


2005 MacKillop Graduate and professional cellist and pianist, Ella Jamieson performing with Year 12 students.

Please click here to complete the online Alumnae Form and update your details