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Digital Creativity

Video Committee
Students in Year 11 have the opportunity to join the Video Committee. Students are equipped with high-definition Panasonic Video Cameras, Drones, Go Pro Cameras, tripods, SD Cards and portable hard drives. Each student is also supplied with a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud to access the editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro. Mastering the use of this equipment and software sees the girls on a extremely steep learning journey. In our modern and ever changing world, this is an exceptional experience for the girls to showcase their technical skills and creativity. It  indeed is an outstanding experience to witness the girl’s intricate work come to fruition, as it as every year since 2002. The work of the girls is now permanently available to the MacKillop College Community on the MacKillop Video Vault website.
Click on the image below to access the MacKillop College Video Vault

Yearbook Committee

The Yearbook Committee is another ambitious initiative for the students. The Yearbook is MacKillop College’s annual Yearbook and catalogues and records every event that occurs during the school calendar year. Students are tasked with chasing the former Year 12 students to complete the ‘Where are they now?’ section, selecting appropriate photographs, proofreading to ensure students’ names are correct, and typing names allocated to the photos. Students enjoy this challenging but rewarding experience and are proud of their achievements in recording this exceptional publication.

Apprentice Photographers

A remarkable opportunity exists for students to be part of the Apprentice Photographers group. These capable and talented girls perform the significant role of contributing their photographic skills at the Swimming Carnival, Athletics Carnival, Cross Country, Ancient and Medieval Day, Mother’s Day Breakfast, Graduation Mass, Year 10 Canberra Excursion and House Team Sports. Many of these girls’ inspired images grace the pages of the annual Yearbook.

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