Why Choose MacKillop?

Your daughter’s education is paramount. We understand that you want the best educational experience for her.

An education is more than textbooks, classrooms and homework. It is encompassing the child as a whole and developing them into resilient, respectful and responsible young adults who will grow to enjoy a love of continual learning.

MacKillop College is a highly regarded College in the community with a fine reputation for excellent standards as well as promoting happy and harmonious relationships. The College is extremely proud of the achievements of the students and for their sense of cooperation and respect for others. The students are seen out and about in the community and we frequently hear of the fine impression they make on people - their articulate and self-confident manner as well as how the girls wear their uniform with pride.

Our students speak highly of their College and their fellow classmates and it gives both parents and the College staff great satisfaction to know that we are promoting the development of such fine young ladies.

MacKillop College will encourage your daughter to be the best she can be. Her educational experience will be supportive, nurturing while ensuring her schooling experience and journey is important to her.

Drawing from the Gospels, your daughter will grow academically, emotionally, socially and spiritually while gaining resilience, discipline and responsibility skills. For young ladies, a Catholic all-girls school is the optimum environment for such an enriching education.

It will be a privilege to have your daughter at MacKillop College.

Let’s begin your daughter's journey now.