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Learning Support

MacKillop College, as part of the Diocese of Bathurst, is committed to the provision of a safe, inclusive and professional learning environment. Through the use of a variety of methods, technologies and techniques, we aim to enhance learning and teaching while recognising the diverse needs of all learners and respecting the dignity of each individual.

Inclusion within the most age appropriate educational setting is promoted to support a quality education that maximises the individual development and achievement of all students. The leading role of the Learning Support Department is to act as an advocate for students with disabilities and their families and to support the establishment of effective inclusive arrangements for students.

Support Strategies

  • Transition to, through and from school through work and life skills experiential activities
  • Enrolment and placement procedures (The College follows the procedures for enrolment of students with disabilities specified by Catholic Education Diocese of Bathurst.)
  • Determination of individual student needs and requirements
  • Submissions for funding
  • Capital requirements
  • Organisational and management plans
  • Liaison with external service providers
  • Provision of ongoing support for staff in professional development 

In supporting students with additional needs, particularly those with disabilities, the key focus is on the needs of the individual student rather than the disability, medical condition, language background or giftedness.

MacKillop College takes pride in supporting diverse learning. Take a look at the 'Supporting Diverse Learning in Catholic Schools - NSW/ACT. A Guide by Parents for Parents.'