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Overseas Tours

An extraordinary opportunity for the girls would have to be the chance to travel internationally for one of our Overseas Tours that MacKillop College offers. From these tours, the girls will extend themselves as global citizens whilst developing an appreciation for other cultures. This unique opportunity provides an incredible learning experience, instilling self-sufficiency, responsibility and leadership qualities. These real-world life experiences are truly an amazing enlightenment for these young ladies.

The Japanese Tour, Europe Tour and the French Tour are run on a three-year cycle and the New Caledonia Tour is run every 2 years.

Japanese Tour

Experiencing traditional and modern cultures, students in Years 10, 11 and 12 enjoy an incredible opportunity to travel to Japan. This tour is conducted every third year and incorporates visiting stunning and fascinating cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka. Highlights of this tour include visiting Tokyo Disneyland, beautiful Temples and Shrines, Imperial Palace,  Hiroshima Peace Park, Museums and enjoying a fast-paced ride on the Bullet Train. MacKillop College retains a deep and rich connection to its Japanese sister-city school, Ohtani High School and from this the students stay with these families during the tour. The girls get to encounter a Japanese daily family life, eat traditional Japanese food, experiencing their incredible generosity while making life-long international friendships. This culturally enriching experience is truly a remarkable event on the school calendar.



History Tour of Europe

The History Tour of Europe is a remarkable and inspiring experience for the senior students studying Modern History. This impressive tour includes visits to historical sites in Belgium, France and Germany related to the senior Modern History course. Highlights of this tour include battlefields and cemeteries of the Great War, the Eiffel Tower, the Reichstag in Berlin, the Nazi Party rally grounds in Nuremberg, the Dachau Concentration Camp, Hitler’s office and private home in Munich, the Nazi Party complex in Berchtesgaden, the Obersalzberg and the Kehlsteinhaus or Eagle’s Nest. Some of these sites are not open to the general public but contacts we have made on previous tours have enabled our students to gain privileged access. This is a comprehensive, meticulously organised tour, embracing both history and culture but still allowing the girls plenty of time for souvenir shopping and a full-day visit to Disneyland Paris. This life-changing experience enables the girls to be more appreciative of their place in the world and inspires them to embrace the opportunities it offers them.




French Tour

What a truly amazing and magical opportunity the students have when they partake in the tour to France. This tour is operated every three years. Students in Year 10, 11 and 12 elective French classes are invited to participate. The trip consists of 14-15 days incorporating Paris and its environs as well as the region of Alsace. Staying in Colmar, the students are provided with a home-stay with our sister-school, Saint Andre and the students will attend some classes with their hosts. The girls have the memorable experience of visiting the Eiffel Tower, Sacred Heart of Basilica, Place Du Tertre, L’Arc de Triomphe, tour of Le Louvre and a full fun day at Europa Park, just to name a few. This is an extraordinary opportunity for the girls at MacKillop College to experience a place rich in history, language, architecture, gastronomy and culture.




New Caledonia Tour

Students in Year 9 elective French classes have the opportunity to participate in a tour of New Caledonia which is run every 2 years. This tour incorporates visiting major tourist attractions of Noumea including Amedee Island, a Tchou Tchou Train City tour, Tjibaou Cultural Centre, Noumea Market, Noumea Aquarium and attending Mass at the Cathedral of Saint Joseph all the while, participating in French lessons in a Language School. Although this is a relatively brief tour, one week, it delivers an immense impact on the student’s learning. This experience enhances the knowledge and confidence of the girls in an authentic French situation, bringing to life the richness that a alternative culture brings to one’s perspective and outlook on life.